Our thoughts with all those affected by the Manchester Bombing

May 23

I woke this morning to the news that there had been an explosion at the Manchester Arena. A venue I have been too in an area I know well just 40 miles away and I know people from Leeds North West were at the Arena last night, at a concert filled with children. 

Our thoughts are with all those there and their friends and families. We pay tribute to the people of Manchester and their emergency services who once again stepped up and supported those fleeing the attack. This attack was set out to divide us so we must remember Jo Cox's words "We have far more in common with each other than things that divide us."

Our campaign has been suspended and I will be attending a Vigil this evening at Leeds Art Gallery.

Alex Sobel chosen as Labour candidate for Leeds North West in 2017

May 06

We’re delighted to announce that Alex Sobel has been chosen as Labour’s candidate for Leeds NW in the General Election on 8 June 2017.
Alex was first selected to fight this seat in the 2015 election – and he’s remained committed to it ever since. He lives in the constituency, has attended both universities, and has worked on many local campaigns over the last years.

Alex Sobel - A Better future for Leeds North West

April 24

Watch Alex's video where he talks about his life, what he believes and what motivated him to stand for Leeds North West 




My views on Trident and multilateralism

April 23

MPs elected in May 2015 will be the ones who make the decisions on Trident renewal – or not – in 2016. 

In July 2014, Labour’s National Policy Forum made an important – if little noted – shift here.

As a result current policy states 

‘The Labour Party will now review Trident in a post-election Strategic Defence and Security Review. This must take account of the huge cost of Trident replacement diverting resources from public services.’

 The Labour Party has also recommitted to international efforts for multilateral disarmament. This commitment should add support to existing proposals, particularly growing calls for a nuclear weapons convention, or a ban on nuclear weapons.

I welcome this important policy shift. 

Alex Sobel has signed the People’s NHS pledge to take NHS out of TTIP

April 01

Today I am supporting People’s NHS action here in Leeds NW – calling for the exemption of the NHS from TTIP.

I made my own views on TTIP very clear months ago

 ‘I could NOT accept any threat to our control over corporations, to workers’ rights, to consumer protections, to our capacity to renationalise our public services. I stand with the Labour Party’s view that it could not be accepted if it includes provision of public services and does not include an NHS exception. TTIP cannot be accepted if Investor State Dispute Settlement is in the final text.’

For all these reasons, I’ve signed up to the People’s NHS pledge to take the NHS out of TTIP.

Like them, I do not believe that anything other than exemption would be enough.


Alex Sobel has signed up to support a Public Service Users Bill.

March 24

I have signed up to the ‘We Own It’ campaign to support a Public Service Users Bill – to put people first and make outsourcing and privatization more transparent and accountable.

Cropped_Alex.jpgOver 70 Labour MPs have already signed an Early Day Motion on this. I am among those candidates who have joined them to pledge my support for such a Bill. I’m now calling on Labour to include this Bill in its manifesto.

My own view is that public services should not be delivered by for profit bodies. They should be delivered by organisations whose mission is for public benefit and which are not driven by shareholder value and the profit motive.

My views on Higher Education Funding

March 21

As a student at the University of Leeds, I was one of the last generation not to have to pay tuition fees. I campaigned for the retention of Free Education as a student, then as a member of the executive of Leeds University Union. My belief in education as a social good which benefits us all is undiminished, and I will continue to campaign for a return to free education.


Alex Sobel and Labour community campaign have headed off NW Leeds surgery closure

March 18

I was delighted to hear the good news today. NHS England have announced that Holt Park Surgery will not now close. That’s excellent news for the people of Holt Park, Cookridge and Tinshill. And it’s a victory for the community campaign which the Labour team and I have led on this issue – a great way to do politics.


New office open, Alex’s video launched: Leeds NW Labour is on its way - working for victory on May 7

March 13

Last week dozens of supporters from across all four wards in the constituency gathered for the official opening of the campaign office – on Otley Road.


It was standing room only inside to hear Jon Trickett – then out to watch the obligatory ribbon cutting.


50 odd supporters then hit the campaign trail, for just another hard-working Saturday in Leeds NW.


This week, we’ve followed up with the launch of Alex’s own video – in which he tells his story – and explains what motivated him to stand here in Leeds NW.

Alex Sobel supports Labour’s Green bonds – investment in a green future

March 12

I’m strongly in favour of Labour’s recently announced Green Bonds – and I’m also in favour of generating sufficient renewable energy to make the need for shale gas extraction redundant.  Labour’s plans here would help make fracking unnecessary.

The bonds are part of Labour’s serious plans to fund Green investment through the Green Investment bank. We’ll give the bank powers to borrow to invest.

And these bonds will allow the public more generally to take a stake in the green future.

I firmly believe that green industries will be an important part of our economic future in this country.  But they are short of investment. 

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