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In 2008 I went to Miami to campaign in what seemed to me a world changing election. I had been in touch with the local campaign for months. And on the day I arrived I went and checked my email in the Hotel Lobby and an email had arrived saying that a briefing for volunteers was happening at midday just a couple of blocks away at the office for our precinct. I rushed down there to hear Eric Lynn, an Obama Advisor from Chicago.

He said something which has stayed with me ever since. 

Eric said this was a different campaign - and this campaign was about people. He had been asked by Campaign Director David Axelrod to ask volunteers to 'Tell their own story, tell people on the doorstep why they were campaigning for a Democratic President, why they were campaigning for Barack Obama.'

In 10 years of campaigning for the Labour Party I had never been asked to tell my story. We were always asked to reiterate the party's pledges or the local track record. We were never asked to talk about why we were fighting for a Labour Victory.

This was a different way of working.

So I am absolutely thrilled that the architect of this way of working  - David Axelrod - is coming to help us in the 2015 General Election.





Welcome David Axelrod!

David agreed to join our campaign because he shares our concerns about the cost of living crisis facing families today:  “I’ve had several conversations with Ed Miliband over the course of the last year in which I have been struck by the power of his ideas, the strength of his vision and the focus he brings to solving the fundamental challenge facing Britain.”

Like Ed Miliband, David Axelrod knows that the problems we face are deep,and the solutions are too.

The next election will be a fight about two different futures for our country. We have a starkly different vision from the Tories.

The fight over these competing visions is going to be tough. The Tories have millionaires bankrolling them. They will throw everything at us.

Luckily, David is used to tough fights. In the US he showed that a campaign driven by progressive values, motivated by grassroots supporters and funded by small donations can win.

He knows that elections are not won just by people like him - but by people like you. 

To hear from David directly about his decision to join the campaign and why the World will be watching the 2015 General Election click here

If you want to join me and David you can sign up for our campaign here -

As they said on the Obama Campaign 'I'm all fired up and ready to go'.

Come and get fired up with us!


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